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Something To Look At: Karen Vournakis – Galapagos Islands Photographic Portfolio

Posted 3/22/2013 11:33:00 AM

When envisioning the Galapagos Islands, one sees unusually blue waters, volcanic sands, and unadulterated natural beauty. It’s no wonder Charles Darwin chose the area to study his theories of evolution.

But in modern times the ecosystem of the islands is under constant threat. Non-indigenous plants and animals brought to the islands by humans have taken over the landscape, prompting study and action by biologists and marine biologists from all over the world. The introduction of dogs, cats, cockroaches, donkeys and cattle have brought unimagined changes that can threaten the native population of land tortoises, birds, and turtles.

Charleston-based photographer Karen Vournakis spent 10 days traveling the Galapagos, documenting the different kinds of animals that live there. What she experienced was amazing and memorable, as she encountered animals who were not afraid of humans, so she could walk right up and take pictures.

Vournakis’s photographic journey is now on view at the Rick Rhodes Photography Studio & Gallery in Charleston through March 30. The gallery is located in West Ashley at 1842 Belgrade Ave. For more information please call (843) 766-7425.