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Shani Gilchrist



ArtFields has a new People’s Choice winner

Posted 5/9/2013 9:56:00 AM

It seems the entire state has been holding its breath since the announcement that the ArtFields People’s Choice prize had been suspended after the event closed last week. We were all thrilled when Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform lit afire with the news that Kirkland Smith of Columbia had won the newly designated $25,000 prize.

When I was in Lake City on the first day of the art festival, the streets were buzzing with comments about “Steve Jobs,” her portrait of the former Apple CEO that is made entirely of Apple products and parts.

Smith’s use of recycled materials has been a theme that has gained a large following in South Carolina. People are constantly waiting to see what she will come up with next after having created portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mayor Steve Benjamin, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Marley and more. Take a look at her work at

Congratulations, Kirkland!