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Lunch and learning digital photography in Greenville

Posted 11/13/2013 5:17:00 PM

Using a digital camera is hard, especially if you don’t do it often. Recently, after not having pulled my own camera out for a while, I grabbed it to head to a restaurant event, where I was meeting friends. One of those friends is a brilliant working photographer (seriously, check out the Facebook page for his business — Jonathan Sharpe is fantastic.) 

When an unusual and well-decorated cocktail was placed before me, I raised my camera to my face, snapped, looked at the screen, and found a bright, blurry disaster. Then I went to change my ISO settings, and basically couldn’t remember what to do. Embarrassing!

If you’ve ever found yourself in such a position and are going to be in the Greenville area this weekend, here’s an opportunity to brush up on your skills with Polly Gaillard. A lecturer of art in photography at Anderson University, Gaillard has travelled the world making contemporary art with her photographs. She’s taught in Prague and Italy, and is preparing for the January release of her first book, “Pressure Points.” It’s easy to see that this is not an experience to miss!

The workshop will take place from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, at 25 E. Court St., Suite 202, in downtown Greenville. The class fee is $65, for which you’ll learn digital basics such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure and backlight compensation. After learning the functions of the camera and how to apply the aforementioned terms, the class will use its knowledge to take photographs around Greenville’s beautiful downtown area, and then reconvene to go over the images.

For more information on this class or to purchase a spot, please click here.