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Amy Holtcamp



The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail celebrates its Quilter of the Year

Posted 3/22/2011 9:14:00 AM

This month, the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail is celebrating the work of Gil Huggins, the organization’s “Quilter of the Year.”

Through the month of March, the Oconee Heritage Center will host a one-person quilt show featuring Huggins’s work. Several of Huggins’s quilts will be on display in the center’s conference room.

Huggins, the former high school industrial arts teacher, seems to relish his “celebrity status” as a male quilter. He became fascinated with quilting after he and his wife purchased a quilt at an arts and crafts fair. When he got it home and examined it he appreciated the artistry, skill and time that went into creating the piece.

The Quilter of the Year title honors not only Huggins’ fine craftsmanship but also his service to the community. He has been instrumental in creating the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail.

The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail is an organization dedicated to preserving the historic legacy of quilting in the Upstate and to celebrating modern quilters like Gil Huggins. The other big part of their mission is the Quilt Trail itself. Since 2009 this dedicated group of quilt-lovers has been creating large-scale, weather-resistant copies of existing quilt squares and mounting them on homes, businesses and barns throughout the upstate. Today, over 30 squares make up the trail. Click here for an interactive map of the trail.

The Oconee Heritage Center is located at 123 Browns Square Drive in Walhalla. The center is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Click here for more information on the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail.