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Amy Holtcamp



Check out the great public art in North Charleston

Posted 5/20/2012 3:36:00 PM

Although the North Charleston Arts Festival is over, there’s still plenty of wonderful public art to see there.

The National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibit at North Charleston Riverfront Park, for instance, will be on view now through March 2013. This is a marvelous collection of large-scale sculptures by both established and emerging artists all set amongst the sea grass and against a waterfront backdrop. It’s a wonderful place for a walk with the family. One word of caution: bring bug spray. If you don’t, you are likely to be swarmed by mosquitoes, who apparently are also art lovers.

You might also swing by North Charleston’s City Hall, where several exhibits line the hallways.

First, there’s the 6th Annual African American Fiber Art Exhibition. This year’s theme for the exhibit is Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore, and the quilts, dolls and other pieces explore a world populated with water divinities and water spirits, many based on African folklore. You can view these magical creations now through June 10.

Also at City Hall is an international exhibit of work by French artist, Mariannic Parra. Parra’s work is inspired by the use of light in the work of Impressionist painters like Monet and Seurat. To achieve this play of light, she fuses natural materials like volcanic sand with contemporary materials like plexiglass. The effect is fascinating, especially when viewed with the accompanying poetry by the artist’s husband, Jean Pierre Parra. The exhibit runs through May 20.

Also at City Hall is Unadorned: Everyday People, Everyday Life: Works by Lori Starnes Isom. Isom’s collection of realistic portraits elevates the everyday by capturing ordinary people – her family, heads of companies, military personnel - simply living their lives. You have until May 20 to see Everyday People.