Gwen Fowler



Looking for S.C. food products? They're all here

Posted 10/2/2012 4:34:00 PM

Lots of talented South Carolina residents are making their own food products. I’ve written about some of those foods before: Sallie’s Greatest Jams, Carolina Creole and Simply Southern Gourmet mustard.

The problem is that it has sometimes been hard to find these delicious South Carolina foods. Not now, since a South Carolina Specialty Food Association store opened in Columbia. At 302 Artisans at Senate’s End, you can find shelves full of great foods made right here in the Palmetto State.

Dupre and Gina Percival created a homey store, complete with a piano, comfy seating, and very cool wine bottle chandeliers. They invited South Carolina vendors to rent shelf space.

Dupre Percival has been a Columbia caterer for years, and Senate’s End includes four of his businesses and venues: 302 Artisans, Manor House, The Hall and 300 Senate.

Percival said he got the idea to open the specialty store after he catered a wedding in St. Matthews. There he happened to meet Sallie Dent Porth, who makes Sallie’s Greatest Jams, and is the upcoming president of the S.C. Specialty Foods Association.

On Saturdays, there’s music, tastings and fresh produce. Any day, you can create your own gift basket, or you can have 302 Artisans create it for you. A special area in back, with baskets and boxes, lets you get creative.