Gwen Fowler



Here's a delicious way to 'eat smart'

Posted 8/21/2013 4:55:00 PM
Chef Angela Bell calls her new restaurant, Beyond the Bull, in Central an “eat smart kitchen.”

If that sounds like food that’s good for you but may not be so great for the taste buds, take a look at her menu, which changes often. There’s duck cakes caramel, made with ground duck and balsamic onion jam and cilantro. There are venison chili, rabbit “wings” (rabbit legs cooked in a tangy tomato barbecue sauce), buffalo short ribs, bison braised in tomato and wine with root vegetables.

The food sounds amazing, and I would love to get to Central, which is near Clemson, to try it soon.

In Bell’s blog, Anti Aging Gastronomy, she explains what “eating smart” means: “Eating a diet consisting of at least 60 percent alkaline producing foods, foods which happen to be anti-inflammatory as well. So, to help our customers reach the 60 percent on every plate, we prepare a variety of substantial vegetable dishes like ratatouille and sauteed zucchini, eliminate refined grains and added sugar, and offer fresh salsas as well as alternative proteins -- those found to be less acid forming than the commonly served pork, lamb, beef and deep fried fish dishes we Americans can’t seem to live without.”

On her blog, she also lists the five most popular side dishes at Beyond the Bull: green beans vinaigrette, stewed Great Northern beans, ratatouille, warm potato salad, and at the No. 1 spot, Brussels sprouts. You have to love a restaurant that serves Brussels sprouts. They’re so delicious, but so few people appreciate them because not many people know how to cook them well. Bell blanches hers and then tosses them with roasted red bell peppers and a little balsamic and seasonings.

Bell also is the author of several books, “As Good As It Gets, Cooking Skills for Life, Volume 1,” “Good Food, Bad Food: Cooking Skills for Life, Volume 2” and “Eat Smart, America: An Anti-Aging Diet Primer.” They’re all available on

Beyond the Bull serves food cafeteria style for lunch and dinner.