Gwen Fowler



It’s easy to get a taco to go at Papi’s Taco’s

Posted 11/3/2013 12:39:00 PM

When I was at Euphoria in Greenville in late September, friends told me I needed to stop by Papi’s Taco’s to try a travelin’ taco.

For those of you as clueless as I was about what a travelin’ taco might be, it’s basically a taco made in a Fritos bag. On top of the Fritos, you scoop the meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and anything else you want on your taco. Then you can use a spoon to eat your taco right out of the bag. No mess.

Papi’s Taco is the newest Table 301 restaurant, and it’s on the Riverwalk, just below The Lazy Goat, also a Table 301 restaurant. (Others are Soby’s, Soby’s on the Side, Nose Dive, Passerelle Bistro and Devereaux’s

Carl Sobocinski, owner of Table 301, describes Papi’s as a “food truck without the wheels.” It’s a small place with limited seating. The menu offers tacos – several kinds, including steak, carnitas, shrimp, chicken and vegetarian – and tortas, housemade salsa and Mexican drinks.

According to an email Sobocinski sent out when Papi’s Taco opened in late August, there is a Papi. He’s Jorge Baralles Sr., who started working at Soby’s when it opened in 1997 and has also worked at The Lazy Goat.

I thought the travelin’ taco was delicious, but what’s not to like about taco fixings and Frito’s? (Disclaimer here: I think a Frito is the most delicious of all the high-in-fat but low-in-nutrition foods that come in a bag.)

When you visit Papi’s Taco’s, you won’t find the travelin’ taco on the menu. It is, according to Sobocinski’s email, reserved for those “in the know.”