Gwen Fowler



Chef Sean Brock likes what?

Posted 10/10/2010 6:35:00 PM

If you missed Chef Sean Brock’s appearance on ABC Nightline’s Platelist on Sept. 24, he confessed to a rather unusual food love.

“My favorite food that I’m embarrassed to talk about eating, to a degree, is definitely Slim Jims. I just think they’re so delicious. And if you think about it, Slim Jims, that’s Southern charcuterie. And it’s so tasty. It has such a pleasant snap.”

Slim Jims are great, but they may not be what you expect the chef of McCrady’s in Charleston and the 2010 James Beard winner for best chef in the Southeast to be talking about on national TV.

He demonstrated cooking pork belly and foie gras and also talked about his love of country ham and bourbon.

“Eat a piece of country ham and drink a little bit of bourbon and tell me that’s not the most amazing thing you’ve ever had. Two very simple ingredients: pork and corn. It’s the craftsmanship, and it’s the tradition and care put into those ingredients, and the patience, that tastes so good.”

Brock, whose name has been turning up all over the place since his May win at the James Beard awards, is working to get a new restaurant, Husk, open by Nov. 1. It will be 76 Queen St., and only Southern foods and ingredients will be used.