Gwen Fowler



Stop at SeeWee for classic fried chicken, seafood and roadside diner experience

Posted 3/16/2012 7:48:00 AM
If you travel U.S. 17 near Awendaw, just north of Mount Pleasant, you’ve probably noticed Seewee Restaurant. It’s definitely a place you should stop in for lunch or dinner.

I’ve passed it hundreds of times but only recently stopped for lunch on the way to Charleston with my family. Seewee is best known for its fried seafood, but I couldn’t resist when the day’s menu board included three of my favorites: fried chicken, collards and fried green tomatoes. The chicken was crisp and tasty, the collards were delicious, and the tomatoes were served with a remoulaude sauce.

SeeWee Restaurant actually began life as a country store, probably back in the 1920s. Current owner Mary Rancourt bought it during the 1960s and continued to run it as a store until she and her son, Kurt Penninger, turned it into a restaurant in 1993. Actually, it still looks very much like a country store. Shelves line many walls, and they’re filled with soft drinks and supplies used in the restaurant.

It was cool when we visited, but there is a patio out back that apparently is a happening place, complete with live music, during nicer weather.

Of course, SeeWee seems like a natural for a listing in Jane and Michael Stern’s “Roadfood,” and it is there. The Sterns recommend the fried shrimp and the layer cakes.

The restaurant also has gotten thumbs up from Coastal Living magazine, which named it one of the country’s best seafood dives in 2011.