Gwen Fowler



Medieval Times debuts new Myrtle Beach show

Posted 6/21/2012 10:38:00 AM

Medieval Times, which combines a two-hour show featuring dashing knights on beautiful horses in battle and a four-course meal, has introduced a new show at its Myrtle Beach castle.

The dinner show is a great choice for families looking for something special to do during their stay on the Grand Strand.

Children and adults will be captivated by the knights’ horsemanship and jousting skills shown in this expertly choreographed show as well as the performances of the horses.

The castle is divided into six sections, where guests are urged to cheer for their knight. The six knights carry out battles in which they use such weapons as swords and lances, including a very nasty-looking one called a bola; its wooden handle has a spiked ball hanging from a chain.

A falconer also performs during the show, with the falcon swooping over the heads of guests and returning to his trainer.

Because the story takes place in the 11th century, guests are served a meal without utensils. “You will be dirty by the end of the meal,” our server told us as he served tomato bisque soup and garlic bread just before the show begins. By the way, the female servers are called wenches and the men are called serfs; they address guests as “My Lord” and “My Lady.” (Actually, we did not get dirty at all, since they also supply plenty of wet napkins.)

Next, they serve a roasted chicken leg quarter, followed by a fall-off-the-bone tender spare rib and herb-flavored potato wedges. A warm, tasty apple pastry is served for dessert.

Soft drinks or water are served with the meal, but adults also can order from a full-service bar. Vegetarians also can request a special meal.

Fans of the History Channel’s Full Metal Jousting might recall that the winner of the show’s first season was Joshua Knowles, who is one of the knights at the Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach. Another of the Myrtle Beach knights, Josh Avery, was among the semi-finalists.

Regular tickets are $50.95 for adults and $30.95 for children 12 and younger. Through Sept. 30, tickets are reduced to $39.95 for adults and $24.95 for children.