Gwen Fowler



Spoonbread a lovely way to start the day

Posted 7/28/2012 8:58:00 AM

One of the pleasures of staying in a great hotel is enjoying a fantastic breakfast just steps from your room.

That was the case during a recent visit to the Westin Poinsett, a gorgeous hotel on Main Street in Greenville. One morning, we had a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Spoonbread

I wanted to taste lots of things, so I ordered the breakfast buffet ($14.50). I began with an omelet made to order, with spinach, sausage, tomato, bell pepper and cheese. It was cooked just right and was delicious. I had some breakfast potatoes and bacon along with it.

The French toast and cheese blintzes looked so yummy that I couldn’t pass up a sweet ending to the meal. They were both wonderful.

My husband had the best eggs Benedict ($9.25) he’d ever tasted. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the Bernaise sauce had a nice lemon flavor. The eggs Benedict were served with potatoes and fruit.

Not only was the food exceptional, but our surroundings were quite elegant. Two enormous windows at one end of the spacious dining room provide plenty of natural light. The woodwork in the room is ornate, as is the tin ceiling.

On a culinary tour of Greenville, which I will write more about soon, historian John Nolan of Greenville History Tours told us the Poinsett Hotel was built in response to the booming textile industry of the Upstate. The Textile Exposition, a national show, moved to Greenville in 1915 after being held in Boston for years. The exposition brought 40,000 people to Greenville the first year it was held. When the Poinsett opened in 1925, those people had an elegant and classy place to stay.

The hotel did so well into the 1940s that it 60 rooms were added. But American’s love affair with the automobile brought motels into popularity in the 1950s, and most downtown hotels suffered.

Nolan said the hotel was in decline in the 1960s. By the late 1970s, it was a retirement home. During the 1990s, squatters lived in the hotel, and it was close to being destroyed.

The hotel was restored during the late 1990s and reopened in style in 2000.

The location is great; you can walk to so many restaurants, shops, the Peace Center and Falls Park. And you only have to walk downstairs for an outstanding breakfast.