Bob Gillespie



Rolling at the RBC Heritage: Tournament fans encouraged to bike to Harbour Town

Posted 3/26/2013 1:02:00 PM

Past attendees at the popular RBC Heritage, South Carolina’s only PGA Tour event and an annual rite of spring at Hilton Head Island, enjoy everything about the weeklong event at Harbour Town Golf Links. Everything, that is, except the traffic in Sea Pines Resort, which can be challenging during peak arrival times.

For the 2013 tournament, April 15-21, fans will have an opportunity to avoid the slow-moving cars and also “go green.” This year, ticket holders and volunteers will be encouraged to access Sea Pines by bicycles – and special preparations are being planned to make their trip easy and enjoyable.

Access to Sea Pines via bikes will be during tournament hours, which bikers presenting their badges for entry. Bike path signage will direct riders to free parking locations, situated on the Harbour Town tennis courts as well as a lot near the 13th green, located off Plantation Drive.

Volunteers from the Kickin’ Asphalt Bicycle Club and local bicycle dealers will help riders with parking and locking their bikes (riders should bring their own locks). Ticket holders arriving by bike also will get maps and safety instructions.

Entry to Sea Pines for bicyclists will be via the Sea Pines Ocean Gate using South Forest Beach Drive or Cordillo Parkway, or via Sea Pines’ main gate at Greenwood Drive, which can be accessed from the Office Park Road pathway, connecting at the New Orleans/Pope Avenue/Office Park Road intersection.

Rules for bicyclists will give cars and other vehicles right-of-way on road crossings. Bikers should not speed on pathways, stay to the right and announce themselves to pedestrians. When riding on roadways, cyclists should ride with traffic and stay to the right. Texting or talking on cell phones while riding is prohibited.

What better way to enjoy the RBC Heritage and avoid the parking-lot and slow-traffic hassles – not to mention getting some exercise and “going green” at the same time? This could be the start of yet another RBC Heritage tradition. Cyclists wearing plaid are especially encouraged.

For more information and a bike trail map of Sea Pines, click here.