Golf 2010

Robert Gilbert



Hole of the week — A special hole, a special walk

Posted 12/20/2010 1:20:00 PM

It is no secret that Harbour Town Golf Links is one of the finest golf courses in the country. In fact, the Hilton Head Island course is routinely ranked as a top course in every golf publication imaginable. However, the fact that it is also one of the few annual PGA Tournament courses open for public play is what makes it truly special.

When you mention the 18th hole at Harbour Town, several things come to mind — the iconic view down the fairway, the famous striped lighthouse towering over the green, the Calibogue Sound, the world’s best golfers making that final round walk.

The narrow fairway, the precarious approach, and the wind off the water have made for more than a few dramatic finishes at the Heritage. It is known as one of the toughest finishing holes on the PGA Tour. To thousands of average golfers a year, though, the design elements of the 18th are less important than simply playing the hole, because it allows them that rare opportunity to walk in the footsteps of golf’s greatest players, while playing one of golf’s greatest holes. 

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