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The mystery of the Edisto tree

Posted 2/6/2013 12:12:00 PM

On your drive to Edisto Beach, just east of the McKinley Washington Bridge, is an odd little sight, but one that thousands of folks look forward to as the sign they are almost there.

The Mystery Tree of Edisto sits in the marsh along S.C. 174 just across from Botany Bay Road.

The tree seems to produce “fruit” that matches the season: holiday decorations around Christmas, pastels and eggs at Easter and so on. Typically in summer, the tree reflects all the fun things you can do at Edisto Beach.

On my recent visit, it was hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day.

It’s not worth a whole trip just to see the tree, but if you’re already heading to Edisto or Botany Bay, keep an eye out.