Husk cheeseburger has lots of fans

By:Gwen Fowler


What’s your favorite hamburger? The Hu​sk cheeseburger keeps showing up on lots of best burger lists, including a recent one Bon App​etit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport put together for The Da​ily Ticker.

The Dail​y Meal recently named it the 11th best burger in the country, and in May, Forbe​s named it one of the nation’s 10 must-eat burgers. In April, E​a​ter named it one of the 38 top burgers in the nation.

Praise isn’t new for Husk or for Chef Sean Brock, a James Beard Award winner, who is executive chef at McCra​dy’s and Husk in Charleston and Husk in Nashville.

Here’s how Forbes describes the Husk cheeseburger: “Benton’s hickory smoked bacon and 100 percent chuck are combined to create two thin patties, which are then seared on a Keating griddle to develop a nice, outer crust. Shaved white onions are steamed on top of one patty and beneath two slices of American cheese, allowing the flavor to seep into the burger while retaining a little crunch. One more slice of cheese is added, along with bread-and-butter pickles and Brock’s special sauce that consists of every condiment you’d want on a burger—ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles and jalapeños. It’s served on a toasted, housemade buttermilk and sesame seed bun that’s moist and soft, yet with a perfect crunch. Keeping with his farm-to-table philosophy, Brock tops the burger with local lettuce and tomatoes only when they’re in season.”

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