Defending Charles Towne

1500 Old Towne RD

Charleston, SC 29407

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City: Charleston

Region: Coastal & Islands

Defending Charles Towne

Established on the edge of England’s North American empire, the Carolina colony faced many threats, especially from England’s longstanding rival, Spain. Not only did Spain lay claim to what is now South Carolina, but the Spanish garrison at St. Augustine, Florida, was within a few days sail of the fledgling English province. Wary of a Spanish attack, the English colonists, who founded Charles Towne in 1670, came heavily armed and formed a provincial militia for the defense of Carolina. Learn more about Charles Towne’s fortifications, the Carolina militia, and the Spanish threat during the program “Defending Charles Towne.” Experience the smoke and fire of a musket volley as educators, dressed in 17th-century attire, drill with period-style flintlocks and matchlocks. You will also feel the ground shake beneath your feet as the Charles Towne Militia demonstrates the firing of 17th-century replica cannons. Programs held at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm inside the palisaded area.

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