The "What was that?" Walk at Lee

487 Loop RD

Bishopville, SC 29010

Phone: (803) 428-4988

City: Bishopville

Region: Midlands

The "What was that?" Walk at Lee

Hoot hoot hoot...whinny...are just some of the sounds that come out of Lee's forested wetlands and pine forests as the sun sets over the western horizon. Few get a chance to see or hear these animals in the wild. Join us for an after dark walk at the park as we seek out Lee's crepuscular and nocturnal wildlife. We'll search for owls and other birds, amphibians, bats and moths. Bring a flashlight and wear long pants. This is a 1 mile nature hike. Registration required. Call the Park's Education Center for more information and/or to register (803)428-4988.

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