Piecing Together the Past with Archaeology

1500 Old Towne RD

Charleston, SC 29407

Phone: (843) 852-4200

City: Charleston

Region: Coastal & Islands

Piecing Together the Past with Archaeology

Dig into history at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site. Discover how archaeologists see beyond written records and learn about past cultures based on artifacts left behind. Visit us for “Piecing Together the Past with Archaeology” for a first hand look at Charles Towne Landing’s archaeological resources. Meet Charles Towne Landing’s archaeologists and tour dig sites where Native American and colonial finds have been unearthed. Some of the hands-on activities you don’t want to miss: a pottery re-fit (an archaeology puzzle), dig boxes and a scavenger hunt. Sign-up for a behind the scenes tour of the archaeology lab to learn more about archaeology beyond the dig. Join us to discover the science of archaeology and the history revealed below the surface.

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