Heirloom Gardening

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Heirloom Gardening

Visit Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site for an inside look at heirloom gardening. We’ll examine the history, seeds, and planting methods of antebellum kitchen gardens as well as ornamental and formal gardens, and take a look at the heirloom roses for which this site is well known. Meet Master Gardener, Heirloom Specialist and Certified Organic Gardener Rodger Winn, who will discuss site selection, plot preparation, planting techniques, plant selection, and growing techniques. Explore the past from a perspective we all can understand: the growing of the foodstuffs our ancestors ate, the diet of the past, and the varieties of vegetables that have stood the test of time. We will also taste some of the garden produce! Ornamental gardens were also a part of the historic landscape at Rose Hill Plantation. Master Gardeners Jim & Diana Glaser will discuss the care, selection, and planting of heirloom roses and other flowers. Garden Clubs are welcome with advance registration. Call the Park Office at 864.427.5966 for more information or to register.

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