Salute to the African American CCC Camp 4407

1145 State Park RD
Windsor, SC 29856


In celebration and remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Aiken State Park will honor the builders of Aiken State Park - Camp 4407, an African American Civilian Conservation Corps camp. Rangers will lead a talk about 4407's contributions and then guide participants on a walk, pointing out so of the original structures built by Camp 4407's men. We'll have hot chocolate and a fire going in the shelter to warm up after the walk. If you have family or know of people whose family served in 4407, we would love to hear first and second had stories as well as see documents, letters, and any other historic items you might have from them. Please share your history with us so we can share it with all our visitors.

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Aiken State Park

1145 State Park RD
Windsor, SC 29856



  • Meeting Place : Park Office
  • What to Bring : Bring your favorite mug for hot cocoa and dress for the outdoors.
  • Event Hours : 10am-11am
  • Fee : Park admission applies