Freewoods Farm

9515 Freewoods RD
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588


This 40-acre living farm museum replicates life on small Southern family farms owned and operated by African Americans between 1865-1900. Authentic farm methods, tools, crops, animals, and buildings of the period are used to replicate life on the animal-powered farm. Workers use mules and plows to cultivate, cook with wood, make sausage, syrup, and soap, cure hams and tobacco and harvest crops by hand. Other components of the farm are tilled fields and grazing land. Farm buildings of the period include the main farmhouse, a smokehouse, a blacksmith shed, and livestock, tobacco and storage barns. A farmers' market offers fresh produce twice a week.

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9515 Freewoods RD
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Phone: 843-650-9139


  • Days and Hours of Operation : M-F 8am-5pm; tours by appt.; produce market: Tu 2pm-6pm and Sa 9am-1pm in season
  • Days and Holidays Closed : Sa-Su, major holidays