The Steak House Cafeteria

316 E Main ST
Walhalla, SC 29691


In April 1973, Gloria Cleveland Yassen and Abed Yassen opened for business. T-Bone steaks and grits were staples on the menu in those early days. Then short-orders like fried flounder and hamburger steak were added. Now, the "Arabian Rooster" fried chicken breast is the rage. Even though the restaurant's name says it's a steak house, the fried chicken is what its known for. Some locals jokingly call it The Chicken House. The cafeteria-style restaurant, located in historic downtown Walhalla, also serves loads of vegetables, homemade pies and other desserts.

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316 E Main ST
Walhalla, SC 29691

Phone: 864-638-3311


  • Days and Hours of Operation : Su 10:45am - 3pm; Tu and W 11am - 2:30pm; Th- Sa 11am - 8pm.
  • Days and Holidays Closed : Monday