Richardson Cemetery

8803 Old River RD

Summerton, SC 29148


City: Summerton

Region: Midlands

Richardson Cemetery

One of the most historic and earliest graveyards in St. Marks Parish, Richardson Cemetery was founded prior to the Revolutionary War. In an attempt to force information concerning Francis Marion's whereabouts from the widow of Gen. Richard Richardson, Banastre Tarleton, a British general, compelled the widow to dig up the body of her husband laid to rest six weeks earlier. Buried here also are governors James Burchell Richardson and John Peter Richardson (founder of the Citadel). The most governors to ever be elected from one family were from the Manning/Richardson family of Clarendon County. Ground penetrating radar found "Snowdrop", sometimes called Corn Crib, the horse, buried here.

Partial Inscriptions on two stones: "Sacred to the memory of General Richard Richardson
who departed this life September 1780 Aged 76 years
He died while a prisoner and under the parole of the British who permitted
him in his illness to leave John's Island where he was confined to close
the last moments of his life in the bosom of his numerous family …

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Dorothy Sinkler Richardson Relict of
General Richard Richardson who died 6th of July 1793
Aged 56 years
She was pious and exemplary, distinguished
in mind and manners and eminently discirnable
in the highest societies in which she associated …

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