Mercer House Estate Winery

397 Walter Rawl RD

Lexington, SC 29072


City: Lexington

Region: Midlands

Mercer House Estate Winery

Mercer House Estate Winery is the only winery of its type. We’re one of only 10 all-natural and organic wineries in the nation! Our 12 acres tract has 5 vineyards which were designed and planted to exaggerate the “terroir” of the landscape, with each having its own unique blend of native grapes, soil type, sun exposure, drainage, geographic orientation and elevation. We have reinstated the lost art of “field blending” our vineyards with 50 native varietals.

Our wines are equally unique as each vintage is an artisan crafted, small batch, ancient Italian style. Due to our Field Blend technique, each vintage has different flavor profiles that cannot be duplicated from year to year. We produce a wide selection of dry’s, off-dry and a few sweet dessert wines. Additionally, we produce the only licensed Kale Wine as well as Wild Plum, Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice, White Peach and Wisteria wines! We’re in the process of creating the first of their kind Wine Jelly’s that include; Muscadine, Strawberry, Jalapeño and Kalepeño! Also under development are Wine Vinegars, True Muscadine Balsamic (12 years), Extra Virgin Grapeseed Oil & Extract as well as “Saba,” which is the first savory sauce made from slow cooked, seasoned grape skins. Our 2015 vintage was the first harvest to produce North America’s very first wines from 8,000 BCE~! Organic, Field blended, Fermented on the Skins, Non-filtered, Very Young (4 weeks) wines… These flavor profiles have not been experienced in the last 500 years!

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