Joseph Manigault House

350 Meeting ST

Charleston, SC 29403

Phone: (843) 722-2996

City: Charleston

Region: Coastal & Islands

Joseph Manigault House

One of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures, the Joseph Manigault House is an exceptional example of Federal period architecture. Built in 1803, this National Historic Landmark reflects the urban lifestyle of a wealthy, rice-planting family and the enslaved African Americans who lived there.Within the house one can find a striking spiral staircase, historical pieces from the Museum’s collection that mirrors the time period of original construction and use, as well as rooms that have been preserved throughout time and staged to reflect their original state. Outside one can view a gorgeous and artfully-maintained period garden with a classical Gate Temple overlooking the grounds as well as interpretive signs that allow guests to see exactly where adjacent historical buildings once stood. On a guided tour of the home, visitors learn about the architectural style of the house, the intricate pieces featured in each room, the culture of wealthy Southern families such as the Manigaults, as well as this history of the property and those that previously resided there.

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