South Carolina Wineries & Breweries

In the mid-1600s, intrepid explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh, reported muscadine grapes growing wild "on the sandy shores, in the green fields." Naturally, a hearty South Carolina wine-making industry followed.

South Carolina Wineries, Wine Tours and Tastings

Today South Carolina’s vineyards grow both our traditional muscadine as well as "imported" grapes to produce an exceptional array of exquisite wines. Make plans to enjoy the fruits of our vineyards in South Carolina wineries, at wine tastings or in one of our many fine wine bars across the state. We are very pleased to be able to bring world-class South Carolina wines to the table.

South Carolina Breweries

Whether you like a lot of hops or enjoy a bold, chocolate malt finish, the brew to match every beer lover’s discerning palate can be found at one of many fun and friendly South Carolina breweies and brew pubs. From American style hearty brown English classics and oatmeal stouts to copper pale ales with floral cascade hop aromas, we brew to please.