Video Golf Course Tours

In this South Carolina golf video gallery, you’ll find everything from golf course tours to YouTube golf video lessons. View our video golf course tours and get a feel for the courses in an area before you book your travel reservations, Explore our many YouTube golf video lessons from Golf Digest and our own South Carolina golf insider to improve your golf game from your living room or office. Then, get out and play. Also view our gallery of beautiful golf course pictures.

  • Meet the SC Arts and Culture Insider Duration:2:04
  • SC Arts & Culture Insider Explores Shag dancing in North Myrtle Beach, SC Duration:4:25
  • SC Insider Visits the Bob Jones Museum and Gallery Duration:3:58
  • SC Insider visits the home of the Atalaya Arts & Crafts Festival Duration:4:17
  • SC Insider checks out Spoleto Festival USA 2010 Duration:2:41