101 Golf Secrets

Golf Secrets 70 - 81: Equipment

Golf Digest

Frank's Equipment Secrets
BY FRANK THOMAS, Golf Digest Chief Technical Advisor
70 -- Before you add a lob wedge to your bag, practice with it—a lot.
71 -- Most golfers don't have enough bounce on their sand wedge.
72 -- Dump your 3- and 4-iron and replace them with a hybrid.
73 -- Out of four-inch rough, grooves play no part in performance.
74 -- A face-balanced, mallet-style putter forgives your sins on the green.
75 -- A gap wedge is essential for success around the greens.
76 -- If you want to carry two drivers, they should have different lofts, not hook- and slice-correction features.
77 -- Unsure whether you should use a stiff or a regular shaft? Go for the regular first.
78 -- With a clubhead speed of 80 to 90 mph, launch the ball at 14 degrees with a spin rate of 3000+ rpm for maximum distance.
79 -- Try to hit the ball a little above the sweet spot on your driver to take advantage of the vertical gear effect (less spin, higher launch).
80 -- A 10-mph head wind will shorten your drive 30 percent more than a 10-mph tail wind will help.
81 -- A shot to a 10-degree elevated green from 150 yards will play approximately 175 yards, a two-club difference.