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• "Ride the horse in the direction he's going," said the Zen master. In the case of resort golf, that could serve as your owner's manual. Resort golf is here defined as 5½ hours of riding a cart along a concrete path punctuated by the occasional knee-high fizzer. There are ways to make it enjoyable, and they begin with Beverage and work their way down the cartpath to Love the One You're With:

• Create complicated competitions. The more bookkeeping the better. Try the Nine Pointer. You and your partner play for three points a side and three points on the 18: Your ball against one opponent; your partner's ball against another opponent; your team's best ball against your two opponents' best.

• Get into the gadgets. Read the GPS hole strategy ("Take note of the snowy egrets in the mangroves to your right"), get your exact yardages and order lunch. If you've got one of those carts that talk back and stop you when you're about to drive into an alligator-infested water hazard, give it a test.

• Make it 18 rounds. Resort golf is not ideal for scoring well, because no one can concentrate that long. So make every hole a different contest.

• Meet new friends. If you get hooked up with players much worse than you, enjoy the company, but don't pretend to be either a teacher or a golden retriever. They'll locate their own shots.




South Carolina is highly acclaimed for its spectacular golf courses from the beautiful mountains of the Upstate to the majestic coast. The state offers championship golf courses for the novice and experienced golfers to play. And best of all, playing South Carolina courses doesn’t have to put a hole in your pocket, especially when you’re playing at a state park course.

Cheraw State Park Golf Course, a Tom Jackson-designed course is a great spot for the bounty on a budget. The 18-hole course is one of 40 in the country to earn Golf Digest’s highest honor as a “Super Value.” Great packages are available which include green fees and lodging.

Hickory Knob State Resort Park also offers 18 holes on its championship course which cuts through a pine forest along the shores of Strom Thurmond Lake. Play all 18 holes during the week for $15. Pay just $5 more on the weekends. Facilities at this Tom Jackson course include a club house, practice green, driving range, pro shop and lounge.



 Images from top: Jim Herity