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How to Use the South Carolina Trip Planner

Getting Started: The Trip Planner Map Window

  • Choose a category and subcategory from the drop-down menu and your search results will appear on the map. Click the next and previous arrows at the bottom of the map to view more results.
  • Click on the map icons to view more information about each activity or accommodation. Click "Add to Trip" and select the trip and day to which you'd like to add each activity. To add additional days to your trip from the map, select "New Day".
  • Your selected activities will appear in the Trip List located beneath the map.

Modifying Your Trip: The Trip List

  • Customize the name of your trip(s) by clicking the pencil icon on the Trip Title Bar. Then click "Save."
  • To rearrange activities within your trip(s), drag and drop them with the scroller arrow icon on the right.
  • To delete activities, an entire day, or an entire trip, use the trash can icons located on the same line as the item. To delete an entire trip, you can also use the delete button at the bottom of the Trip List.
  • To duplicate an activity within your trip, such as a hotel accommodation, click the double square icon to the left of the activity number.
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1 Select "Start a new trip".
2 Choose Activities.

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