150th Anniversary of the Burning of Columbia

By:Staff Writer


One hundred and fifty years ago, as the long and bloody Civil War was drawing to a close, General William Tecumseh Sherman and the Union Army began to move through South Carolina heading towards Columbia. For the next four months there will be numerous events and programs recounting and examining that turbulent time in our state and nation’s history. Tours, historical demonstrations, exhibits and lectures will be delving into both the military and domestic impact of the war’s concluding days.

A few noteworthy events are happening this winter and spring in Ehrhardt at Rivers Bridge State Historic Site, which is hosting lectures and tours narrating the Battle of Rivers Bridge; and in Columbia, where tours, lectures and museum exhibits will recount the burning of the capital city near the end of the war.

To learn about the many public activities that will be bringing this critical period in our shared history back to life, enter the keywords “Civil War” on this website’s search engine.

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