Artist Ann Myers

By:Amy Holtcamp


Name: Ann Myers
Company: Art by Annie
Medium: Glass
Hometown: Con​way
Website: www.artbyannie​

Annie Myers was ready for a change when a chance encounter at an Arts and Crafts show ignited her creative passion. “Reinvention keeps life interesting,” she says. Her current self-reinvention has her exploring mosaics in glass. A home studio allows her to balance her life as an artist and as a stay-at-home mom.

Q: What were you doing before you "reinvented" yourself as a glass artist?
I like to call my permanent title CEO of Myers Family Enterprises. In other words, I have been a full-time, stay-at-home mom and wife for the past 12 years. As my kids have gotten to be school aged, a reinvention was in order. I believe people should be constantly “reinventing” themselves so they can grow. I have always been creative and have tried my hand at many mediums. Once I found the glass genre, my creative side just took off and my artist reinvention became established.

Q: What drew you to making glass on glass art?
A few years ago, I was at an art festival in Manteo, N.C. An artist had this very cool old window with all different colored transparent glass on the window itself. She wouldn’t tell me what she used as her adhesive even after I bought the window! My friends are regularly bringing me cast offs and “treasures from the trash” they just couldn’t throw out including old windows and scrap stained glass. After trying several types of adhesive, I found what worked and just adhered the pieces of stained glass in random order on one of the windows. Once getting the adhesive I liked, it was then I tried my hand at designs with recycled glass. After listening to friends state “I love this design, but I just don’t have anywhere to put something this big,” I began putting my designs on repurposed frames of all sizes to appeal to more people.

Q: How do you find the materials for your art?
I get the materials for my art from the trash, recycle bins, Goodwill, yard sales, and my friends are always saving their colored glass for me.

Q: How do you balance your interest in art and motherhood?
I try to combine my roles as mother and artist. I ask my girls’ opinions on color, design ideas and what they think of my final products. I do try and complete my work before I go get them from school, but there are times I have to keep working after they get home: a bonus of having my “studio” in the garage!

Q: Where can people see/purchase your work?
People can view my work on my we​bsite or on Faceb​ook at Art by Annie. Pieces can be purchased at The Railroad ​Junction Art Gallery in Flor​ence or at Encore Gi​fts in Conw​ay.

Q: What do you love about living in Conway?
I honestly love just about everything living in Conway has to offer. Most people only know Conway as fast food alley they pass through on U.S. 501 heading towards Myrtle B​ea​ch. However, they are missing our fabulous downtown with historical storefronts, churches and homes. Even though we have only lived here for seven years, we feel like we have lived here forever because the people have been so open and inviting. Conway has festivals year-round and a riverfront marina/park/boardwalk for families to enjoy. Conway even builds its roads around the live oaks! Conway is a quaint, small, southern town with so much to offer yet is just 30 minutes from the beach! A perfect combination in my book.

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