Artist Noelle Brault

By:Amy Holtcamp


I was introduced to Noelle Bra​ult at an exhibit of her work at Colu​mbia’s Wine Down on Main wine bar. My friend had liked Noelle’s impressionistic landscapes so much that she instantly purchased one last year when she saw Brau​lt’s work at the Elmwood Tour of Homes. When I saw Noelle’s paintings I understood why she’d had to have one. Her paintings are romantic, soft-focus depictions of the Southern landscape, where the trees drip with moss and the light flickers through the leaves on the trees.

Q: What did you do before you started painting (what's your profession or background?)
I am a software engineer for Southeastern Freight Lines. I have a degree in Mathematics from USC and took computer-programming classes after that at Midlands Tech. I have been programming since I graduated.

Q: When did you start painting? What drew you to painting?
I started taking classes from Michel McNinch three and a half years ago. I started painting my own original paintings about two years ago. I have always wanted to create something and have always wanted to paint. I love color and being creative.

Q: What's your favorite thing to paint? How do you choose the subject for your paintings?
Right now I paint a lot of Southern landscapes. I love the Lowcou​ntry. I also love painting Colu​mbia and Cha​rleston cityscapes. My husband is from Maine so I also enjoy painting coastal New England paintings. I would like to paint more cityscapes with people in them carrying on with their daily lives.

Q: Describe the last painting you completed -- what was it a painting of and/or what was the process of creating it like? What inspired the painting?
The very last painting that I painted was of a side street in downtown Charleston. I decided to try a very small painting. I was inspired by the contrast of light and shadows. I tried to mix more of my own colors in this painting so I was pleased with the colors that were created.

Q: Where do you paint? Do you have a studio or part of your home set aside for your painting?
I usually paint in a room at our home off of the back porch. It’s more convenient to paint from photographs but I would like to try to paint more “plein air” paintings.

Q: It seems that a lot of your paintings are of spots here in South Carolina? Is there one of your paintings that depicts a special spot that you'd encourage travelers to visit?
I would encourage people to visit Edi​sto if they have not. Edi​sto is not commercialized like some of the other Lowcountry areas.

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