Check out 4 New Rides at Carowinds in 2017

By:Kerry Egan


Take a step back in time to Carowinds’ County Fair this year. That’s right—in the midst of all the amazing (and enormous) roller coasters that make Carowinds so famous, there’s a bubble of nostalgia that will make you think you’re a teenager again out for the night with high school friends at the local fair.

The County Fair is a new themed section of the amusement park. The food, the signs, the blinking lights, even the paint colors have a retro feel that could convince you it’s 1959 all over again. But what really seals the deal are four brand new Country Fair rides—modern takes on old classics that you’ll surely remember from fairs of the past, but with the thrill and speed that only Carowinds can provide.

No, they’re not roller coasters, but they might be even more fun.

On the Do-Si-Do, take your seat in a two-person car and get ready to be spun this way and that in what feels like faster and faster crazy circles. And just as you come to that point where it’s hard to catch your breath on those whipping turns, your car begins to rise up into the air. Then you’re spinning in big and little circles through the sky.

Nothing says county fair in South Carolina like the flying swings. The Zephyr is Carowinds’ beautiful and carefree take on the classic staple of fairs far and wide.

Remember that ride that spun you and your date ridiculously fast in a circle, with lights flashing and music blaring, so fast that you just simply had no choice but to nestle into his arm? Yeah, that ride. Well, it’s here. It’s the Rock 'N’ Roller, and its just as thrilling as your teenage heart found it back then.

And finally, the Electro-Spin. You just need to experience this one for yourself. It’s what every crazy ride at the fair aspired to be—absolutely terrifying and laugh-inducing at the same moment. And that’s just when you're looking at it. Riding the Electro-Spin feels so crazy, so death-defying that you’ll happily run off, circle round, and get right back in line. But this time you won’t need to worry about whether you have enough tickets to ride again, because you’re at Carowinds, in Fort Mill, right in the middle of now. And you can ride it as many times as you can handle.

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