Chef Spotlight: Patty Griffey of Abingdon Manor, Latta

By:Staff Writer


Chef Patty Griffey
Patty Griffey, chef and co-owner of Abingdon Manor in Latta

Chef Patty Griffey believes in honest food filled with flavor. With over 30 years of experience in private entertaining, like many professional women in the early 1980s she took cooking courses to explore her avocation. Prior to purchasing Abingdon Manor, she sold her active CPA practice in Coral Gables, Florida. She then immersed herself in cooking (as she had in her prior successful business) and has spent the past 13 years testing, experimenting and creating.

Using only the freshest ingredients, (including growing her own herbs and vegetables) Chef Patty concentrates not on simply creating a dish but on the whole meal, paring the right combination of flavors to enhance each course so that one does not compete with the other but complements the whole. She believes that there is a balance of food, which leaves the diner satisfied but not overfed.

Enjoyment, taste, flavor and freshness are the hallmarks of her cooking.

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