McCormick Arts Center Weaves Art into Fabric of the Community

By:Ernie Wiggins


Heather McNally was overseeing the cleaning of the gallery at the McCormick Arts Council of the Keturah (MACK) office on South Main Street in McCor​mick one August morning.

MACK had just ended its summer camp and exhibition for young people and was converting the gallery into an exhibit space for regional artists. The visual creations of the budding painters, which had been delivered to their parents, would be replaced by the work of more seasoned artists, she said.

“After a youth art program you have to clean the floors,” McNally said with a broad smile. “But this was quite successful.”

McNally, who has been executive director of MACK for two years, talks about weaving throughout all aspects of county life -- taking advantage of McCormick’s natural beauty to entice people to explore the region’s cultural offerings and power of art.

Recently, MACK embarked on a joint venture with Cornerstone, an area drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

“We hope that art will help (clients) communicate the transition of recovery,” McNally said.

Feeding the appetites of residents and visitors for cultural fare is part of MACK’s mission -- literally. Tonight (Sept. 2,) MACK will continue its Dinner with the Masters Series with Dinner with Pablo Picasso. The event, which costs $20 for MACK members and $25 for non-members, will feature a lecture by an actor portraying the great Spanish artist and a three-course meal of Spanish and French cuisine because Picasso was born in Spain and lived in France.

“We’ll have figs, goat cheese and shrimp all from local growers and merchants,” she said.

Every third Saturday of the month from 4 to 8 p.m., MACK hosts the McCormick Market, another unique blend of art and food. Area farmers sell produce while local artists display and sell their creations in the MACK park.

MACK also will be a major participant in the annual Gold Rush Festi​val on Sept. 16-17, which will include a parade, music and vendors.

If You’re Going:

McCormick Arts Council of the Keturah is located at 115 S. Main Street in McCormick. For information about the Dinner with Pablo Picasso call Heather McNally at (864) 852-3216.

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