Website offers one-stop shopping for South Carolina food products

By:Gwen Fowler


There’s a new place to shop for South Carolina food products, and you don’t even have to leave your easy chair.

The South Carol​ina Specialty Food Association has a new shopping website called South Carolina Mark​etplace that lets you buy a variety of products online.

Among the companies offering food for sale there are Faithf​ul Foods of Lexi​ngton, which sells soup, dessert and dip mixes; Simply Southern Gour​met of Nort​h Myrtle Beach, which makes artisan mustards; The Island ​Fudge Shoppe of Hilton​ Head Island; and Charlesto​n Cookie Company.

One advantage for the shopper is that you don’t have to go to several websites to order; You can do it all at South Carolina Marketplace and have all the items shipped, without paying a separate shipping and handling cost for each item. For a limited time, shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.

While the site is a convenience for shoppers, it is providing jobs for people with disabilities. The S.C. Vocational Rehabilitation​ Department is training workers to fill orders and provide shipping.

About 20 companies are on the website so far, and more are being added.