Town of Blackville

Visitor's Center

5983 Lartigue ST

Blackville, SC 29817

Phone: (803) 284-2444

Region: Midlands

Town of Blackville

Blackville was in the part of SC called the “back country”. Due to a plentiful supply of water for drinking and transportation, settlers came to the area prior to the Revolutionary War. Later, when the railroad was built between Charleston and Hamburg, John Black chose this area as an overnight stop for the train. Blackville became a marketing and transportation center and thrived until the Civil War began in 1861. Blackville is also home to Healing Springs, which has a storied history dating back to the 1700’s when Indians believed in the secret healing powers of the springs. During the American Revolution, four mortally wounded British soldiers were left here in the care of two able bodied men until they died and were buried. Six months later, all six returned to their garrison in Charleston, further perpetuating the springs’ legend for healing. Many natives of the area still claim the waters are a cure all for “what ails ya.” In recent years, the wonderful climate and natural beauty brought Mennonite settlers from western states. Today, the Mennonites share their crafts and great cooking ability, along with insight into their religious practices.

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