Town of Blacksburg

Visitor's Center

PO Box 487

Blacksburg, SC 29702

Phone: (803) 839-2332

Region: Mountains

Town of Blacksburg

Blacksburg is a small town in the rolling foothills of South Carolina’s upstate county, Cherokee. The site of the town was originally called Stark’s Folly after the first settler. By the late 1800’s John Black who lived in the area encouraged the railroad to lay track through the town, providing opportunity for prosperity. The town took on the name Black’s Station and when the city was incorporated in 1888, renamed Blacksburg.

In the 1890s large amounts of iron ore were discovered in the area and many people hoping to make a fortune from mining the mineral flocked to the town. Nicknamed the “Iron City” the town became wealthy and the fist electric street lights in the upstate of South Carolina were installed in Blacksburg. The city continues to holds its nickname "Iron City" to this day. Each year Blacksburg commemorates its founding at the “Iron City” festival.

Easily accessible from Interstate 85 and situated between Greenville-Spartanburg area and Charlotte, N.C., the town continues to enjoy a small-town atmosphere. Two Revolutionary War battlefields are located nearby, Kings Mountain to the east and Cowpens to the west.

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