Town of Cowpens

Visitor's Center

5330 N Main ST

Cowpens, SC 29330

Phone: (864) 463-3201

Region: Mountains

Town of Cowpens

Chartered in 1900 the Spartanburg County town of Cowpens derived its name from its original role as an overnight stop for cattle drovers. The town is convenient to Interstate 85 and just 10 miles south of Cowpens National Battlefield, where the battle at Cow Pens on Jan. 17, 1781 became a turning point in the Revolutionary War. In World War II a carrier was name USS Cowpens, to commemorate the Revolutionary war battle. Each June the town host the Mighty Moo Festival to honor the crewmen of the USS Cowpens CVL 25, who served in World War II.

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