Edisto Memorial Gardens

200 Riverside DR SW

Orangeburg, SC 29115

Phone: (803) 533-6020

City: Orangeburg

Region: Midlands

Edisto Memorial Gardens

The Edisto Memorial Gardens displays past and current award-winning roses. Some 4,800 plants representing at least 120 labeled varieties of roses are always on display in the Gardens. The City of Orangeburg is affiliated with American Garden Rose Selections (AGRS) to grow and evaluate roses from the USA, Canada, and Europe. The test garden is used to select winning roses that grow under minimal care and reward the grower with beautiful roses. Winners from these trials are displayed in the main rose garden after the two year evaluation. The garden each year hosts the Orangeburg Festival of Roses the weekend prior to Mother's Day. The Horne Wetlands Park in the gardens takes visitors over a 2,600-foot boardwalk for a close-up look at the plants and wildlife found in the wetlands of this area. The adjacent Arts Center maintains a gallery on its second floor.

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