Walking Trail of Historic Homes And Gardens

Downtown Summerville

Summerville, SC 29484

Phone: (843) 837-2931

City: Summerville

Region: Coastal & Islands

Walking Trail of Historic Homes And Gardens

The Walking Tour of Historic Homes and Gardens allows you a glimpse of Summerville’s rich history –The majestic homes with well-manicured gardens is the perfect way to experience our small town atmosphere. In 1976 a portion of the town was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The residents of this historic area are proud to be a part of preserving Summerville’s natural and manmade beauty and glad to share with you their heritage. The walking tour should take approximately one hour. It is a moderate walk and there are not always sidewalks for pedestrians. Map of tour is available at The Summerville Visitor Center located at 402 North Main or online at www.VisitSummerville.com

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