Cowpens National Battlefield

4001 Chesnee HWY

Gaffney, SC 29341

Phone: (864) 461-2828

City: Gaffney

Region: Mountains

Cowpens National Battlefield

On Jan. 17, 1781, the Americans won a decisive battle against the better-trained British Army. The battle was over in less than an hour. This victory gave the Patriots the moral support needed to continue fighting and win the Revolution just nine months later. Featured at the battlefield is a walking trail and marked road tour, a picnic ground, and a visitor center with exhibits, memorabilia and a video. The British sustained one of the worst disasters of their Southern campaign, and the Patriots finally defeated "Bloody" Tarleton. General Daniel Morgan displayed brilliant tactics in the disposition of his forces, making effective use of both militia and Continental troops to envelop and rout the British. Most of Tarleton's army were killed or captured, and the rest fled. The Battle of Cowpens was the event which started Cornwallis on his road to Yorktown.

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