Chautauqua History Alive Festival

506 S Pleasantburg DR

Greenville, SC 29607

Phone: (864) 244-1499

City: Greenville

Region: Mountains

Chautauqua History Alive Festival

Starring: ALEXANDER HAMILTON, ANDREW JACKSON, MALCOLM X, JACKIE KENNEDY and HAMILTON'S WOMEN Get ready to laugh, cry and flat out have a great time at this ten-day – two-weekend festival of non-stop live history and fun for the whole family. 30 shows performed in costume by nationally acclaimed historical interpreters. And almost all the shows are FREE. Meet revolutionary people – hear their stories – ask them how their world changed. Duel wits with Alexander Hamilton. Debate democracy with Andrew Jackson. Survive JFK’s assassination with Jackie Kennedy. Struggle for human rights with Malcolm X. And like Hamilton's Women – be a part of the story. There’s nothing like the experience outdoors under the Chautauqua tent or in a beautiful park on a summer evening. But if you like your Chautauqua experience indoors in air-conditioned comfort, we have that, too. You’ll laugh – you’ll cry – you’ll have lots of questions. And they’ll be answered. Bring your stories. Share your experiences. Get inspired. Because it’s not just history – it’s personal.

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