Bad Creek Hydroelectric Site

Near SC HWY 130, near the NC State Line

Salem, SC 29676

Phone: (704) 382-8356

City: Salem

Region: Mountains

Bad Creek Hydroelectric Site

Bad Creek Hydroelectric Site is a 360 acre "pump-back" storage facility that pumps water from Lake Jocassee and stores it until needed for peak energy demands. The site is accessible to the public providing access to the Foothills Trail, the Jocassee Gorges Wildlife Managment Area, Lower Whitewater Falls, and an overlook of Lake Jocassee. No public access is provided to the Bad Creek reservoir. Bird groups: upland birds, birds of prey, songbirds. Species of note: scarlet tanager, black-and-white warbler, worm-eating warbler, solitary vireo.

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