Daws Island Heritage Preserve

Port Royal Sound

Port Royal, SC 29935

Phone: (803) 734-3916

City: Port Royal

Region: Coastal & Islands

Daws Island Heritage Preserve

This island contains four Late Archaic Period shell rings dating to 4,500 years ago. Twenty-three other sites ranging from 10,000 BC to AD 500 are also present on the island. A primitive campsite is available by permit. Spend your visit viewing such wildlife as Manatees, sharks, osprey, eagles, dolphins, sea turtles, and a wide array of birds during visits to the preserve. Sport fishing is another frequent activity adjacent to the preserve. Daws Island is also a featured attraction and primitive camp site for the Port Royal Sound Kayak trail, which includes a number of natural and cultural heritage preserves and other interesting sites. Camping is restricted to the area of the preserve known as Banana Island and is available with a permit. Most of the high ground on Daws Island contains sensitive archaeological deposits. Artifact collection, digging and metal detecting are not allowed on the preserve.

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