Pon Pon Chapel

SC 64

Jacksonboro, SC 29452

Phone: (843) 717-3090

City: Jacksonboro

Region: Coastal & Islands

Pon Pon Chapel

A chapel of ease was created for this region of St. Bartholomew’s Parish by an act in 1725. In 1754 a brick chapel replaced an earlier wooden one. This chapel burned around 1801 and was rebuilt between 1819-22 and came to be known as the Burnt Church. Ironically, this structure was used until 1831 when it was again reduced to ruins. In 1737, John Wesley, the famous Methodist minister preached two sermons here. Ruins of the church are stabilized and can be visited and also the adjacent cemetery dating from the 18th century. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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