Historic Price House

1200 Oak View Farms RD

Woodruff, SC 29388

Phone: (864) 596-3501

City: Woodruff

Region: Mountains

Historic Price House

Thomas & Ann Price built Price House in 1795. Located along the young nation's burgeoning road network, Mr. Price ran a store, post office, and tavern for the local community as well as an inn for travelers. Two-dozen enslaved African Americans worked in these businesses, labored in cotton fields, and lived in quarters not unlike the slave cabin on-site today. Price House tells the stories of how free and enslaved residents changed the Upcountry from a frontier to an antebellum society through improved roads and communications, more non-farm businesses, and an explosion in cotton farming and slave labor as well as how these residents caused social, economic, and environmental changes that still impact the region today. Price House offers guided tours of the site's 200-year-old buildings. Regular programs, often featuring reenactors portraying people of the time, examine the history of the Early Republic as well as the natural history of the Upstate.

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