Cayce Historical Museum

1800 12th ST

Cayce, SC 29171

Phone: (803) 739-5385

City: Cayce

Region: Midlands

Cayce Historical Museum

The Cayce Historical Museum showcases Cayce’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The museum’s exhibits span 12,000 years and explore periods of Native American settlement, 18th century colonial trade, the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, and modern-industrial history. Featured exhibits include one of the largest collections of Native American artifacts in the South East, with nearly 7,000 pieces on display, a c.1740 homestead cabin, and a newly renovated exhibit highlighting the Columbia Army Air Base and the Doolittle Raiders. Visitors can also explore the museum’s historic grounds, featuring various outdoor exhibits, picnic tables, and a beautiful hiking trail that leads to the Granby Pavilion and the Granby Gardens Playground.

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